Babar Ali Foundation


Library Facilities:

  • Babar Ali Library at Aitchison College.
  • Microfilming of old and rare manuscripts at University of the Punjab.
  • Book binding of rare manuscripts at Punjab Public Library.
  • Donation to Agricultural University Peshawar for library.
  • Donation of books to government schools.

Laboratory Facilities:

  • Computer facilities for students at Aitchison College.
  • Computers for Sacred Heart School.
  • Computers for graphic arts students in the Fine Arts Department of University of the Punjab.
  • Digital Computer Laboratory of the Department of Electrical Engineering at University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore.
  • Science laboratory at Sayurj Public School, Chitral.
  • Computer and ancillary equipment for ZIARAT College of Engineering and Technology, Lahore.

Educational Facilities:

  • School of Science and Engineering at LUMS.
  • Computer facilities for students at Aitchison College.
  • Mubarik Hostel, Perwin Ali Hostel, Henna-Amina Hostel and Mubarik Zehra Gohar Hostel at LUMS.

Sports Facilities:

  • Shamim Khan Sports complex at AItchision College.
  • Syed Maratib Ali Sports complex at LUMS.

Support for Teachers Training:

  • BAF together with Industrial, Technical and Educational Institute (ITIE) support Ali Institute of Education, a premier chartered teacher training institute in Punjab, which is having an impact on primary education in the country as better quality young teachers are being trained here and entering the educational system. The in-service program at Ali Institute of Education provides training for existing teachers with modern teacher training methods and enables them to develop young minds, with care, compassion and understanding.